Congrats to #CTBrewCrew! (Wow)

Unbelievable. Stunning. Amazing. Inspiring. Heartwarming. Those words aptly describe the fundraising efforts of the team #CTBrewCrew. They have raised (are you ready?): $5,375! Not a typo. Again, $5,375! By doing so not only did they get us very close to granting a child’s wish, but they gained entry to the Finals via the Wild Card for raising the most money of any team. We, at J. Timothy’s, and the staff of Make-A-Wish CT Chapter, are truly grateful for their amazing, stunning, unbelievable and inspiring fundraising. The team: Jay, Aron, Joe, Ed, and Dan, along with their fabulous supporters, went to herculean lengths to make sure a child’s wish is granted. Welcome to the Finals, #CTBrewCrew, and thank you so much!

You can read about them in more detail here; a wonderful story from Leeanne Griffin of the Hartford Courant A La Carte blog.

#CTBrewCrew with the beers they're dressed as.

#CTBrewCrew with the beers they’re dressed as.

#CTBrewCrew and their supporters.

#CTBrewCrew and their supporters.

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