Team Meeting News – Donations Pages!

We had our Team Meeting last night which was awesome! The teams are wicked fun and, most importantly, they are all very dedicated to raising as much money as possible for Make-A-Wish. Woo! Go Teams! Thanks so much for being part of this event.

Kelly from the team “Ding Dong the Wings are Gone” had a great idea: each team can set-up their own online donations page at the Make-A-Wish website so family, friends and people who aren’t in the area can support their team. This is important for 2 reasons: 1) Duh, money for Make-A-Wish!, and 2) the donations will count towards a team’s total donations for the Wildcard entry spot. Remember: if your team does not win your playoff, you can still make the Finals by soliciting the most donations. Click here to see “Ding Dong the Wings are Gone”‘s donations page. To set one up for your team, Kelly provides these helpful – and easy – instructions:

– Go this page at the Make-A-Wish CT Chapter’s website:
– Click on “Register for your Account” and follow the instructions from there.
– After entering your basic info, there is a place to enter information about the specific fundraiser (J. Timothy’s Wings for Wishes).
Once the page is set-up, you’ll get an approval email from Make-A-Wish.

Then just send the link to EVERYONE YOU KNOW, ha. Facebook it, Tweet it, email it, blog about it; whatever works. Oh look, another team as set-up their donations page too, check it out. Yay to the Phat Phive!

And don’t forget you can fill up your buckets with donations too, of course. After the meeting, some teams hit up some folks in our pub:

Way to be proactive and grab some donations!

We also added a cool feature: Teams can choose what music they want played while competing/eating the wings. Who’s going to pick the best “wing eating song”?

And here is a document you can open/download with the rules and the waiver. WFWWaiverRules

Playoffs start Thursday, August 16th from 7-9pm. See you then!

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