Playoff Round #2 Thursday, 8/23

Our excitement for Playoff Round #2 is palpable (Not exactly sure what that word means, but sports announcers use it all the time, so WIN!). The first playoff was so awesome; here’s a picture that shows some of the fun:

A team with chicken heads? A team with candy bar t-shirts? The head referee having maybe too much fun? Yea, it was awesome.

Please come out on Thursday, 8/23 at 7pm to support the teams and the Make-A-Wish Foundation! Your $10 admission/donation includes a FREE BEER FREE BEER FREE BEER. Ha, we’re shameless when it comes to this charity.

Teams competing on Thursday:

The Chicken Lickin’ Ninjas
Ding Dong the Wings are Gone
The Phat Phive
Poultry Punishers
Wings 4 Wishes

Hope to see you there.

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