The Championship: Sat., 9/8 at 5:00pm

The Finals are all set! Congratulations to Team Fowl Play, who competed in the first Playoff, but did not win. But wow, are they winners! They collected the most donations for the Make-A-Wish Foundation so they are the Wildcard Card Team for the Finals. Nice job and thanks, Fowl Play!

So the 4 teams are: Team Eye Candy, Team T.E.A.L., The W.I.O. Warriors and Fowl Play. The fun begins Saturday at 5:00 pm; the event should be complete by 8:00pm. The admission/donation is $10 and includes a FREE BEER! Plus, we’ll be playing “Stump The Schwab” with Howie Schwab from ESPN.

We’ve reached 90% of our fundraising goal, WOW! We really hope Saturday’s Championship pushes us over the top so we can fulfill a wish for a child with a life-threatening medical condition. We’re almost there. Hope to see you on Saturday!

Team Fowl Play:

And the 4 Finalists:

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